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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Sacral Memory Foam Cushion

Some people may need reduced pressure on the coccyx area when sitting. These cushions are scooped out at the rear, so when sitting there will be less pressure on the coccyx. The sides of the cushion are sloped so that when they are used in a wheelchair, the cushion will sit flatter. The corner ties help hold the cushion in position if the patient shuffles on to or off a chair.

The cushions have Memory Foam on the top with firm resilient foam underneath. Spare covers are available in the Polyester and Waterproof material.

Three types of covers are available:

Polyester – 4 Way Stretch Cover
Waterproof – 4 Way Stretch Cover
Heat Sealed – 4 Way Stretch Cover

Cleaning: As the cover cannot be removed for hand or machine washing, spray and wipe clean with disinfectant. Seek advice from your Infection Control department as they may over ride our cleaning instructions.

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