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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Demonstration Videos

Some new Demonstration Videos have recently been uploaded to our website. Click on the titles to view the videos.

Stocking Slider Enclosed Toe Wrap-Around

This product may help people who cannot bend and need to wear very strong elasticated stockings, such as TED Stockings, to help with their lymphoedema.

One-Piece Underwear with Leg-Zip *New Item

The One-Piece Underwear is normally used for patients who may try to remove their incontinence pad, either during the day or when in bed. The fabric is designed to help the skin breathe and reduce perspiration during hot weather. A long zip around the inside of the legs make it very easy to change incontinence pads, while the patient’s upper body is still covered.

There has also been some re-editied Video Demonstrations from old Pelican Demonstration Videos. Check them out: Wrist / Ankle Restraints Webbing / Wool Video Demonstrations and Car Emergency Slide Board Kit Video Demonstration.

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