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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Single Patient Use Infection Control

Based on the same design as the Pelican Dex Sling with Loops Item 575, the material used has been machine washed 10 times to comply with AS ISO 10535-2002., before weight testing to 457kg to give a S.W.L. of 300kg.

The physical size of the sling is more suited for a normal proportioned adult. If it is needed for a bariatric patient who may weigh about 100kg please contact Pelican to make a special size sling. Careful inspection should be made before using to determine that the has not deteriorated through overuse or washing. If any sign of wear is seen the sling should be disposed of in accordance to the facilities regulations.

For more information please visit the webpage: Pelican Dex Sling with Loops Item 575,

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