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Saturday, 5 July 2008

Memory Foam Cushion

Product in Development - Pressure Relief Memory Foam Cushion

There are three types of covers available for the cushion Polyester, Waterproof, and Heat Sealed all of which are a four way stretch material. They come in sizes 43cm. x 43cm. x 6cm. and 49cm. x 49cm. x 6cm. both of which come in a soft or firmer foam.

The Memory Foam inside the cushion is made from two separate pieces of Memory Foam with firmer foam in between. This helps to stabilize the Memory Foam and also will allow the cushion to be reversed, so the patient is not constantly sitting on the same side. After a period of time all foam, including Memory Foam can lose it’s recovery quality and flatten out. This is the time the cushion should be replaced.

This cushion is 6cm. thick and is very soft. The patient will not be sitting too high in a wheelchair, compared to some other firmer and deeper cushions. The low height also makes it easier for short people to sit down with their bottom at the back of the chair.

For more information go to the webpage, Pressure Relief Memory Foam Cushion.

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