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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Falls Prevention

Pelican Manufacturing offer a wide range of products to try and help prevent falls in aged care facilities and hospitals.

Hip Protector Pads

Hip Protectors - Falls PreventionHave been used for many years to help prevent hip fractures. By using Hip Protector Pads, some people who are in danger of falling may be saved from a fracture, or after a hip replacement operation, the Hip Protector Pads may prevent another operation. Pelican Hip Protector Pads are designed to partly absorb and redistribute the impact of a fall, particularly around the Greater Trochanter area to protect the bone.

Bed Rail Protectors

They are used on beds for confused patients who may hurt themselves by hitting the bed rails or getting arms, legs, head, etc. stuck in the rails.

Types Available:
Bed Rail Protectors - Slip Over Item # 214S
Bed Rail Protectors - Strap On Item # 214
Bed Rail Protectors - See Through Item # 214C
Bed Rail Protector for Turning Item # 214T

Bed Fall Mats

Some patients climb over bed rails, fall to the ground and are injured. A way to help avoid injury is to lower the bed as much as possible and place the Bed Fall Mat next to the bed, so if the patients get out of bed, then they will have a soft surface to fall on.

Available in Sewn Item # 462S or Heat Sealed Item # 462.

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