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Friday, 23 May 2008

Bariatric Sit, Slide & Stand Pad

Bariatric Sit, Slide & Stand Pad is used help large and bariatric patients slide their hips to the back of a chair and also to let them slide forward to stand up. This product should only be used under guidance and with the Carers assistance if necessary.

Item # 407HW (Wide) 50cm wide x 60cm deep, Green webbing handles
Item # 407HXW (Extra Wide) 60cm wide x 60cm deep, Blue webbing handles
Item # 407HXXW (Extra Extra Wide) 70cm wide x 60cm deep, Grey webbing handles

Hand or machine wash only, 80°C max. Do not tumble dry or wring - air dry only.

Check out the full instructions on the Bariatric Sit, Slide & Stand Pad on our website. Check out the latest Video Demonstration on this product.


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