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Saturday, 2 June 2007

ResQmat - Patient Rescue Sheet Padded

This item is designed to evacuate non-ambulant people during an emergency. Evacuation during the night can make use of Evacuation Sheets which are normally already under the bed mattress, but during the day many patients may not be in bed. It is impractical to ask them to get back to bed so they can then be rescued. This item can be stored in a cupboard and easily taken to where the patients are. Four can be carried at one time.

The item stores neatly in a highly visible bag, which has three Velcro sides making it easy to open in a hurry. It also has easy to following pictorial instructions on the front so in an emergency it is easy to see how to use the ResQmat. The item is entirely padded with an extra pillow under the head. The three wide Velcro straps completely enclose the patient to help prevent the possibility of patients reaching out for anything as they are being rescued. This also helps keep people safe once they are in a safe location, especially people with dementia who may wander.

Because of the built in padding, the ResQmat is safe and comfortable for people when going down stairs and over rough surfaces. It will adjust to size so the patient does not slip down inside the ResQmat when going down stairs.

We also manufacture Evacuation Sheets which are left underneath bed mattresses all the time. The details and links to the items on our website are below.

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