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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Heel and Elbow Pads

Our foam Heel & Elbow Pads have been very popular for many years. The design was made with a seam which goes under the sole of the foot when lying in bed. This means there is no pressure from the seam under the patient’s heel. However it was possible for the seam to be incorrectly placed under the heel, which may be a problem for some patients with heavy feet. We have redesigned this product so that if used either way, there will never be a seam under the heel.

The new design incorporates ventilation holes either side of the heel. These help prevent heat build up around the foot. We have extended the foam section under the Velcro strap to prevent the strap from touching the top of the foot of most patients. Like the original design, the new Convoluted Foam Heel & Elbow Pads will be available in just Convoluted Foam (Item 140) or with the popular slippery cover that allows people to move their feet in bed (Item 140C).

The new design is now available.

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