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Saturday, 24 March 2007

Clear See-Through Bed Rail Protectors

New item – a Clear See-Through Bed Rail Protector.

The new Clear See-Through design uses a wipeable plastic material. It is only padded along the top section which goes over the rail, so it still offers protection for people who put their arms or legs over the top of the rail. For most people, we expect it to be more pleasant for the people in bed as they can now look around the room and not feel so enclosed. Although this is the major feature of this item, it may be a distraction for some patients if they can see around the room. Also, carers will be able to see the people in bed easier.

This item will also be good for Infection Control as the plastic material can be wiped down, and does not need to be washed in a washing machine.

We have two current types of Bed Rail Protectors available which are very popular but they have foam inside and the covering material used does not allow the people in bed to see through them.

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