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Friday, 8 December 2006

Falls Prevention - Bed Fall Mats

The Bed Fall Mats are becoming increasingly popular as a way of reducing injuries from bed falls. Instead of using bed rails, many facilities are now using very low beds, and placing our Bed Fall Mats on the floor next to the bed, so that if someone falls out of bed, it is more of a ‘roll’ onto the impact absorbing Bed Fall Mat. The facilities are finding a lower number of falls and a much lower rate of injuries this way. When using bed rails, the persons would be falling from a much greater height than with low beds.

The Mats can be folded into three for easy storage when not in use. Infection control officers will prefer the Heat Sealed version, because anything which is heat sealed does not allow anywhere for bacteria to live. The sewn version is also available for a reduced price.


• Impact absorbent foam, but still firm enough to walk on
• Visible tape on the edge, and laminated warning sign to alert staff
• Folds into three for easy storage
• Vinyl material can be wiped clean
• Heat Sealed version for 100% safe infection control

Another item which is often used in conjunction with the Bed Fall Mats is the Stand-Up Floor Alarm. This alarm can be placed either on its own next to the bed, or underneath the Bed Fall Mat, and alerts carers when someone has fallen out of bed. Two versions of the alarm are available – one which makes a sound in the room or corridor, and one which plugs into the nurse call system (so long as the system is compatible) which will set off carer’s pagers.

If the patent is able to walk a few metres then the Floor Alarm is used without the Bed Fall Mat. When the patient puts their feet on the Alarm it will sound a warning before the patient has started to stand up.

Links to our website and prices:

Bed Fall Mat - Sewn (Item # 462S)
Bed Fall Mat – Heat Sealed (Item # 462)
Stand-Up Floor Alarms (Item # 444F), (Item # 444FNC, 444FNC2)

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