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Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Bed Comforter

This item is like a very large soft tube. It is filled with polyester with hollow core silicone fibre. Some people, who have restless nights, may sleep better with the Bed Comforter. It may make the person feel secure so they stay in their own bed overnight and not try to get into other people’s beds. It is difficult to guarantee if this product will work with every patient, so if it doesn’t with one patient, it may well work with someone else in the facility. It’s successfulness may depend on how it is introduced to the patient.

The Bed Comforter is designed so it can rest between their legs and protect their legs rubbing together. They can also rest their arm over the comforter.

In time this product may help reduce contractions, but we will have to wait a couple of years before we can talk from experience.

Also available is a soft, waterproof, wipeable cover for incontinent people, or with a polycotton cover that can be used like a large pillow case either directly over the Bed Comforter or even over the waterproof cover.

For more information about the Bed Comforter, click here link to this item on our website.

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