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Friday, 7 April 2006

Wheelchair Items

Wheelchair Arm Bag

This Wheelchair Arm Bag attaches with Velcro to the arm rest of a wheelchair. It has a series of pockets to store reading glasses, books, mobile phones, medication, etc. Because of the wheel on a wheelchair, there is a difference between the left and right Wheelchair Arm Bags. For the wheelchair’s left arm, item # 299ABL; for the wheelchair’s right arm, item # 299ABR. For more information and pictures click here.

Wheelchair Tray Table

This is a hard wearing, lightweight plastic tray with soft elbow pads. The tray rests on top of a wheelchair or normal chair with suitable arms, and attaches with Velcro under the arms of the chair to hold it securely in place. The main part of the tray has a lower cut out section so any liquid will be caught. Item # 299T. A separate belt is available to secure the tray behind the chair but if this is used, the tray will be deemed to be a restraint. For more information and pictures click here.

Wheelchair Tray Table Bag

We have also designed a Tray Bag to hang either side of the tray, or even on each side. These bags can hold reading glasses, TV remotes, purses, small books etc. item # 299TB. For more information and pictures click here.


Julie Myers said...
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Julie Myers said...

My son is wheelchair bound, so this can be difficult in some situations. I think it would be really good for us to get some of these additions onto his wheelchair like the tray so he can read books and have things sit on the tray. This is a superb idea, I hadn't really thought about it before! I also would like to get wheelchair restraints to make sure that he is very safe while being transported. Thanks for the help!

Jessica Rivera said...

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