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Monday, 12 December 2005

Different Brand’s Hoists & Slings

We have had some physios, OTs and nurses contact us regarding using Pelican Hoist Lifting Slings on certain manufacturer’s hoists.

The hoist representatives have said that there could be a problem on warranty or insurance claims if there was an accident using a Pelican sling on their hoist.

There are some practical reasons why the hoist manufacturer’s claims could be wrong:

  1. If a hospital or nursing home has plenty of good slings and then decides to purchase a new hoist, they could be told to dispose of their existing slings, and that they must purchase ‘same brand’ new slings to go on the brand of hoist they buy.

  2. A hospital or nursing home may have five or six hoists, each one made by a different hoist manufacturer. They would not be able to use their hoist, unless they ensure that the correct brand of sling is used on the correct hoist. In a busy hospital where the slings need frequent washing, the correct brand of sling may not be available for use.

  3. Some sling manufacturers may have special features that make their slings more suitable for some patients. If the hospital can only use the hoist manufacturer’s slings, the patient may have an uncomfortable or even dangerous list if the hospital is restricted from using other brands of slings.

  4. Sometimes it is necessary to custom make slings for particular people. These people may have intellectual and physical disabilities. The hoist manufacturer may not be able to make a ‘one off’ specially designed sling, so the facility has no option other than to buy a sling from another sling manufacturer.
Please do not be concerned about this issue. Pelican has been making and selling slings to government and private hospitals, nursing homes and other care organisations for over 15 years without any warranty or claim problems. We have never had any insurance claims.

We have also been repairing other manufacturer’s brands of slings, replacing webbing, keyhole plates and other damage caused by misuse or washing machines. We have now installed a weight testing unit to weight test the slings in accordance with the Australian and International Standards AS ISO 10535 – 2002. This inspection and repair service has enabled many slings to continue being used. You can send your slings to us to be inspected and returned with our pass (or fail) certificate.

If you have someone say that only the hoist manufacturer’s slings must be used in their hoist, please contact Pelican with their details.

For more information regarding this please contact us on 1800 641 577.

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