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Friday, 23 September 2005

Stand-Up Alarms NEW

Stand-Up Alarms can be a very helpful way of monitoring a patient's movement, without physical or chemical restraining. They are normally used with people who stand up from a chair or get out of bed and could fall over. However, sometimes the patients may be able to walk, but due to dementia, they may put themselves or others in danger.

This Stand-Up Bed Rail Alarm is placed on the top of the bed rail to alert Carers when someone has weight (e.g. an arm or leg) on top of the bed rail.

This Stand-Up Footboard Alarm is placed on the footboard of the bed to alert Carers when someone has shuffled all the way down the bed.

This Toilet Alarm is designed to warn staff that the patient is about to stand up or has stood up from a toilet. The alarm noise is near the patient and this may help the patient to remember not to stand up, as the noise will stop if they sit down again.

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