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Thursday, 15 September 2005

One-Piece Underwear

The One-Piece Underwear is normally used for patients who may try to remove their incontinence pad, either during the day or when in bed. They are also used for some people who may undress themselves. They can be used either as underwear under their daytime clothes or as pyjamas during the night.

The fabric is designed to help the skin breathe and reduce perspiration during hot weather. The leg openings should be a comfortable fit around the calf, but not allow the person to pull them up high over the thigh so they can pull the incontience pad out. The neck is re-enforced to prevent stretching, so the top canot be pulled off the shoulders. On the back there is a special Velcro fastening as well as a zip, to reduce the possibility of someone undoing the zip.

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