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Monday, 10 June 2002

Pressure Care Items

Pressure care is an important area in all aspects of health care, including geriatric care, rehabilitation, general hospital and home care. Bed sores, pressure sores, or 'decubitus ulcers', are not only uncomfortable for patients, but they ultimately end up costing a great deal of money, time and effort to heal. In some cases they could even lead to amputation. Common areas for pressure sores are the coccyx, heel and other bone-prominent areas. Where possible, we incorporate special foam in our products to help encourage blood flow. Our range includes items such as Pressure Relief Cushions, Heel and Elbow Protectors or 'booties', and Cushions for Shower Chairs. Also included in our range are compression Stocking Sliders, used to help people with Lymphoedema (or Hodgkin's Disease) who have trouble putting on compression stockings.

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